who i am
my name is sören holm
i live in northern germany
i have a beatiful wife and daughter

what this is
this is my personal side
i used html5 and css3
it´s based on html5boilerplate
i code with sublimetext

what i do
i studied media informatics in düsseldorf
did security and virtualization
i code mostly in python + some java and c#

where i am
my wordpress blog is under construction
on my tumblr i post stuff i like

how to reach me
if you want to contact me
feel free to use Facebook or Email

"these days everyone wants a responsive design
that adjusts itself to different screens.
so the photo of kimye will look the same on your phone,
your smart pad, and your computer."

caleb rivers on pretty little liars 6x6

Vita (German)

Persönliche Daten

Geboren am 20.05.87 in Husum,
verheiratet, 1 Kind (10 Jahre – Betreuung gesichert)

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